Thursday, December 22

Happy is the people whose God is Jehovah! This is taken from Psalms 144:15.

As early as the 20th century B.C.E., Jehovah had a distinct people on earth. Abraham, called “the father of all those having faith,” was the head of a household numbering into the hundreds. (Romans 4:11; Genesis 14:14) Rulers in Canaan considered him to be “a great chieftain” and treated him with respect. (Genesis 21:22; Genesis 23:6) Jehovah made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants. (Genesis 17:1, 2, 19) God told Abraham: “This is my covenant between me and you, that you and your offspring after you will keep: Every male among you must get circumcised. . . . And it will serve as a sign of the covenant between me and you.” (Genesis 17:10, 11) Accordingly, Abraham and all the male members of his household were circumcised. (Genesis 17:24–27) Circumcision was a physical sign that distinguished Abraham’s descendants as the only people who were in a covenant relationship with Jehovah.


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I like to change many tv or movie stories into happy endings even for the villains...sometimes. ;-) You can find my stories on or you can search my author name Scarlet Moonbeam and be brought to my home page. HTTYD: Guardians of Dragons (Or Hiccup the Night Fury) MLP: Letter of Destiny
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