Sunday, November 27

Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need. This is taken from Matthew 5:3.

When one has had many material things from childhood, there is a tendency not to appreciate them fully. For example, a person who grows up in a wealthy household may take for granted many of the things he has. This can be the case with youths who because of a lack of experience may not yet fully discern what things in life are truly valuable. For many in the world, life revolves around material things-a good salary, a nice home, or the latest high-tech devices. However, if these are our only concerns, something important is missing-spiritual riches. Sadly, millions today have not even begun to look for these. You young ones who have been raised by Christian parents must be careful not to lose sight of the value of what you have received in the form of might affect you for the rest of your life.


About Scarlet Moonbeam

I like to change many tv or movie stories into happy endings even for the villains...sometimes. ;-) You can find my stories on or you can search my author name Scarlet Moonbeam and be brought to my home page. HTTYD: Guardians of Dragons (Or Hiccup the Night Fury) MLP: Letter of Destiny
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