Mechanical engineers marvel at the ability of a common ant to lift weights many times heavier than its own body.Engineers at Ohio State University, U.S.A., has reverse engineered some of the ant’s anatomy, physical properties, and mechanical functions by means  of computer models. The models were created using X-ray cross-sectional images (micro CT scans) and simulations of the forces an ant generates when carrying loads.


The neck of the ant is a critical part of the ant’s anatomy. It has to bear the full weight of the loads in its mouth. Soft tissues with help from the exoskeleton of its thorax (body) and head in a way that it’s pincers make a folding hand to pick up objects. Many people hope that research  on the Ant’s neck with help advance the design of manmade robotic mechanisms.

So? Was it designed to be that way? Or did the Ant’s neck evolve?

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