The Great Flood and the First Rainbow

{My input}Monday, February 22, 2016

Those whom Jehovah loves he disciplines. This is taken from Hebrews 12:6. Here is the whole scripture: “for those whom Jehovah loves he disciplines, in fact, he scourges everyone whom he receives as a son.””

We do not enjoy being counseled or disciplined. Hebrews 12:5, 11 tells us: “And you have entirely forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons: “My son, do not belittle the discipline from Jehovah, nor give up when you are corrected by him;…True, no discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but it is painful; yet afterward, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Yet, think of what the one who is offering us counsel must consider. He needs to be aware of what we are doing that could affect our relationship with Jehovah God, he must be concerned about our feelings, and he has to be willing to devote the time and effort needed to show us from the Bible how we can adjust our course to be pleasing to God. One brother who used his phone to access pornographic Internet sites lent his phone to an elder. When the elder began using the phone, questionable sites appeared. This turned out to be a blessing for our spiritually imperiled brother. He received timely counsel, benefited from the correction given, and eventually overcame the bad tendencies. How grateful we can be to our caring heavenly Father, who sees even our hidden sins and corrects us before we go too far!

The Great Flood and the First RainbowFlood

While Noah and his family was waiting for Jehovah to fulfill his promise, the people outside the Ark were going about their normal lives. Men marrying and women being given in marriage. They still thought that Noah and his family was crazy and they were still laughing at them, but then the stopped laughing. Why, because drops upon drops of water started to fall from the sky and soon it started to rain hard. Truck load after truck load of water fell from the sky. Noah and his family was right, but it was too late for the people outside of the Ark. The door had been closed by Jehovah God.

All the low ground was soon covered by water. The water overflowed rivers, making them into seas. The water left nothing. Trees were pushed over and big stones or boulders were rolled around. The noise scared the people and they became afraid. They climbed to high ground and as the water rose, they climbed to higher ground too. I wished they had listened to Noah and gotten into the Ark too. For 40 days and 40 nights the rain fell from the sky. The water covered even the tallest of mountains. Jehovah’s promise came true, all people and animals outside of the Ark died.

They ark was made very well and because it was made well, the waters lifted the ark and made it float. One day the rain stopped and the sun started to shine. One big oceans was all around the Ark. The giants were all gone and no more will they hurt people. All of them were gone along with their mothers. What about the father? The Fathers were not human. They did not die, but stopped using their human bodies that they made. They went back to heaven, but were no longer part of God’s angel family. They became Satan’s angels, demons.

Jehovah made the wind blow and the waters started to go down. Five months later, the ark came to rest on the top of a mountain. The waters kept going down. Noah let a black bird, raven, out of the ark. It flew away for a while and then come back. It could not find a resting place. Each time they did this the raven would come back and rest on the ark. Noah wanted to see if land was visible yet or if the waters had come off the land. Next, he sent out the dove, but the same thing happened. It came back. The second time, it came back with an olive leaf in its beak. So they knew that the waters had gone down.

HE sent the dove out again, but it did not come back. It had found a dry place to land on the Earth. Jehovah then told Noah that they could come out of the ark with the animals too. They had been in the ark for more than a year, but they survived the flood and could see the Earth once again.


PART TWO The Flood to the Deliverance From Egypt {Information}

Eight people survived the Flood. That soon increased. 352 years later, Abraham was born. We learn how God kept his promise by giving Abraham a son named Isaac. Then God chose Jacob. Jacob had 12 sons and daughters. His sons hated their younger brother Joseph and sold him to slavery in Egypt. Joseph became important ruler in Egypt. Bad famine came, Joseph tested his brothers to see if they had a change of heart. Finally, Jacob’s whole family, the Israelites, moved to Egypt. This happened 290 years after Abraham was born. For the next 215 years the Israelites lived in Egypt. After Joseph died, they became slaves there. In time, Moses was born, and God used him to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. In all, 857 years of history are covered in Part TWO.



The first thing that Noah and his family did after coming out of the ark was that he made an offering or a gift to God. Noah offered this gift of animals to thank God for saving his family from the great flood. Jehovah was very pleased with this gift. And so he promised Noah that he would never destroy the world again by a flood. The land was all dried off and Noah and his family began a new life outside the ark. God told them to have many children and to fulfill the reason he made humans. To increase in numbers until people live all over the earth.

When later generations hear about the flood, would they be afraid that could happen again. It wouldn’t. Why? Because Jehovah God gave us something that would remind us that he would never flood the Earth again. What was this thing? {Have you ever heard this saying? After a hurricane comes a rainbow.} It was a rainbow. A rainbow is often seen in the sky when the sun shines after it has rained. Rainbows may have many beautiful colors.

This is what God said: ‘I promise that never again will all people and animals be destroyed by a flood. I am putting my rainbow in the clouds. And when the rainbow appears, I will see it and remember this promise of mine.’ Yes, God’s promise that he will never destroy the world again by a great flood.

“The Great Flood.” My Book of Bible Stories. New York: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, 1978. 10-11. Print. Part two on page 11.

“The First Rainbow.” My Book of Bible Stories. New York: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, 1978. 12. Print.

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