Siberian Tigers

Today, we are going to talk about tigers. There are nine sub-species of tiger. The sub-species of tigers are Bengal Tiger, Siberian (Amurian) Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Indo-Chinese Tiger, Malayan Tiger, South China Tiger, Javan Tiger, Bali Tiger, and the Caspian Tiger. The tiger is the largest of all the cat family. Each tiger has an unique stripe pattern. Males have a prominent ruff or collar, which is especially pronounced in the Sumatran tiger. I am only going to talk about the Siberian Tigers in this post.

Siberian Tigers can reach weights exceeding 700 pounds and reach lengths of 10+ feet. (Man that is really big!) The male tiger’s skull is much bigger than the female’s skull and Siberian Tigers, period, have the biggest skulls in all the cat family. They primary living area is the birch forests of Russia. They have a more natural home range and they have less issues with humans. Their climate are really harsh, but has many benefits as I listed above. Plus, timber industries aren’t as widely developed in Russia as it is in other places.

The Siberian Tigers behavior is very isolated unless the tiger cares for a cub or if the tigers are mating. The tigers are very territorial and the males are more aggressive when it comes to protecting their territory. They will only allow females to overlap their territory and younger males either have to fight for territory or live on the outer ridges where it is hard to get food. Accounts are limited, but they have been known to attack humans. Most of the attacks are believed to be the cause of a mother protecting her cub or a hurt/older tigers that are struggling to hunt in the wild.

Tigers are very good hunter and blend into their surroundings. They mainly hunt at night, but have been seen out hunting in daylight. They travel long distance from their home range to find their food. They eat large prey like elk and wild boars. They take down animals that weigh several times their weight by sneaking up behind them and then using their powerful jaws. Tigers are very good hunters. My sources don’t tell me whether they hunt in packs or not, but from what I know they are not pack animals.

Unlike canines, tigers can mating at any time of the year, not just once or twice a year. Tigers will start to mate when they are about four years of age. Much like canines, though, female tigers will give off a powerful scent which will attract males to her. After a ritual of circling and growling they will engage in mating for many days. Then the male will leave to find other females to male.`(Just like a male. LOL!) The female will find a den and in about three months and thirteen days the mother will have her litter of cubs.


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